How to choose the correct section to post in

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Recently, I've been seeing idiots intelligent people weird people strangely posting their problems in the "Articles" sections, which is extremely stupid kinda strange. So, I'd thought I'd contribute an article about how to figure out where to post what.

Beginner: If you doubt your skills as a C++ programmer and you want to ask something probably obvious or something a newbie would ask, here's where to do it. Please be sure to read about how to post a topic here:

Windows Programming: If you're programming specifically for the Windows OS, post here. If your program isn't Windows specific, don't post it here.

UNIX/Linux Programming: If you're programming specifically for any *nix OS, post in this section. If your program isn't specific to any *nix OS, don't post it here.

If you are unsure if your program is specific for *nix or Windows, post in the Beginners section.

General C++ Programm...: If you're programming using portable C++ code, even if its using an external library, please post here. Please note that if your problem is not specific to C++ and has to do with an external library outside of the standard, you're better off going to find support elsewhere for the external library.

Articles: This is where you post your problems with C++ articles of knowledge based on C++ or something beneficial to C++ programming.

Lounge: This is where you hang out to flame, talk mess, name call, give the middle finger relax and have a lively and/or non-productive conversation.

Jobs: This is where you post jobs that are available that you know of. This is a serious section so if you do not have a legitimate job, do not post in this section at all. (Please note the other sections are serious as well but this one is seriouser)

I thank those who read this topic, even though the only ones who will read it are those who already know how to post correctly (EDIT:)or those that have already made a mistake.
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You wrote:
..even though the only ones who will read it are those who already know how to post correctly.

Really? Now that you wrote this, we can link to it when someone posts out-of-place, so... (and we will, thank you!)

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The article could probably benefit by adopting a slightly less-insulting tone...
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How is it insulting...
Here is a more formal version:


Here is a list of boards and their purpose:
+ Beginner – questions for those who are new to C++ programming
+ Windows Programming – all Windows-specific questions should go here. Where you believe a question also belongs in the Beginner section, prefer to post it here.
+ UNIX/Linux Programming – all UNIX-/Linux-specific questions should go here. Again, where a question also fits into another section, posting it here is preferable.
+ General C++ Programming – questions that are not specific to any OS, or are specific to an OS other than Windows or a UNIX derivative/clone (such as *BSD, Linux or Mac OS), but which are not beginner-level questions should go here.
+ Articles – not for questions! Tutorials and explanations belong here. Problems, questions and advertisements for programs/libraries you have written do not belong here.
+ Lounge – for off-topic discussions. Virtually any kind of discussion is welcome here (but try to keep it work-safe), within reason. Discussion may be programming-related, but C++ programming questions should not be posted here.
+ Jobs – for serious, paying, job offers. This does not include:
-- “Join my programming team” offers
-- “Help me write XYZ” offers
-- “Teach me C++” requests
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Most people that post on the wrong section are those who never look back at the forum and leave, looking back now and then whether their homework assignment has been finished yet. I'm afraid to say that contributing an article to this, however supportive it was meant won't generally help too much.
How to report a homework question found in the "Articles" forum

Click the "Report" button below

Simpler than anything else, the thread would be moved/deleted depending on the mood of the admins some well-thought decision

BTW I agree that who doesn't read "Welcome -- read before posting!" won't read this
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