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by Disch
Put your code in code tags
If you post code on this forum, put your code in code tags. If you already pasted some code witho...
[8 replies] Last: either code tags, or pastebin by far is really easy, as ... (by xitan)
Article Preview/Submit Question
I recently wrote an article on how to use tags, but I'm not sure how to "submit" it, does submit/pre...
[4 replies] Last: Good point, misleading title FTL >_> (by firedraco)
by Disch
Multidimentional arrays are evil
Multidimentional arrays are evil. I see a lot of noobs get sucked into the vortex that is m...
[8 replies] Last: How does it accomplish that? I tried to do something like that in a c... (by kempofighter)
by Disch
WinAPI: Being Unicode Friendly
Section 0) Introduction This article is to go over being Unicode Friendly in WinAPI. I don'...
[10 replies] Last: wcout doesn't work like you'd expect. It's pretty much useless. I ... (by Disch)
main() never executing. an academic exercise
Frequently I have heard the question, "Can you write a program without main()?" The answer is yes......
[12 replies] Last: Oh. I haven't read anything in init; I've glanced at panic, printk and... (by chrisname)
by Null
I'm going to show how to get passwords on windows and linux UNIX: One of the simplest ways i...
[4 replies] Last: Wouldn't that cause undefined behaviour? I thought you aren't allowed... (by chrisname)
DLL Symbols
What is a DLL? A DLL is a dynamic-linking library. It acts as a shared object in which multiple...
[3 replies] Last: There aren't any big difference between DLL and EXE. Why? Because It'... (by Null)
Pig Latin XD
I completed it :) input text filter output piglatin ...
[1 reply] : #include <conio.h> :( Don't bother making main take arguments ... (by firedraco)
How to use the Conditional (ternary) operator: (1,2)
Note: It has become apparent that what is known as the ternary operator in C is in fact called the "...
[32 replies] Last: Voting sounds nice, maybe something like slashdot where low rated con... (by chrisname)
Template Instantiation
Template Instantiation I was looking around for something to wite a small article about and this...
[4 replies] Last: Yes (unless you have a cool export-compliant compiler) (by Bazzy)
The following is a framework for using LAPACK with C++. For more information checkout the LAPACK ...
[7 replies] Last: than you for your answer.this case too hard for me now :D. i must lear... (by areyoupp)
How to parse command line parameters.
A simple tutorial on command line parameters, as some people may not know how it is done. -sec "W...
[19 replies] Last: oh, ok. (by chrisname)
by Duoas
Clear the screen (1,2)
This short article describes the method of clearing the console display of all text and positioning ...
[37 replies] Last: :-) (by Duoas)
Object Oriented XML
I developed a base class that any MFC object, COM object, CORBA object or any custom object may deri...
[no replies]
Objectify design pattern
As is common in any programming language, the greatest boon usually also turns out to be the greates...
[no replies]
by Bazzy
Converting numbers to strings and strings to numbers
This question is asked quite often, so here is a way of doing it using stringstreams : number ...
[17 replies] Last: try with wstringstream: wstringstream wss; wss << 324545678; wstri... (by Bazzy)
by Duoas
Why system() is evil
So, you are here because everyone keeps telling you that things like system("PAUSE") and system("...
[4 replies] Last: Er. The whitespace is optional. :D (by QWERTYman)
OutPut Array To Txt File
I have been scrolling around on forum to forum and i have noticed that many people are lost when co...
[2 replies] Last: yupp your completely right lol (by jloundy)
by Disch
Headers and Includes: Why and How (1,2)
************************************************* ** 0) Introduction *...
[25 replies] Last: Yes, that's exactly right. That used to be a paradigm some folks kept... (by jsmith)
Bit-Banging a counter
Here's a bit of code that I thought that I would share. It comes from a PLC (Programmable Logic Cont...
[2 replies] Last: You're right. I personally would never use something as obscure as thi... (by rootboy)
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