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Managing Projects with GNU Make
This is not really an article as such but as questions on using make files pop-up frequently I would...
[7 replies] Last: Can you please stop killing the thread? Let it stay on topic. I know t... (by chrisname)
The abridged reference card is now in version 0.16. If someone wants to join in, please let me know....
[10 replies] Last: The space indicates that. It was after the "=" sign but is now in th... (by simplas2002)
When to use what language and why (1,2,3,4)
Its been debated here for the past couple of months what language is "the best" or more appropriate...
[75 replies] Last: So does GCC, VisualStudio, etc. You don't use a tourist-grade Garmin G... (by rapidcoder)
Use of void pointers (void*) and templates
Today, I was thinking about the uses of void* pointers and if there was any occasion where it would ...
[6 replies] Last: To get compile time encapsulation in C, declare a structure in the hea... (by rocketboy9000)
How to choose the correct section to post in
Recently, I've been seeing idiots intelligent people weird people strangely posting their proble...
[6 replies] Last: How to report a homework question found in the "Articles" forum C... (by Bazzy)
C++ Syntax Quick Reference
I wrote a 4-page quick reference for C++ including some C++0x. Only syntax is covered. Since it m...
[9 replies] Last: Since part of the criticism was actually fair and to-the-point, a new ... (by simplas2002)
Memory alignment and padding
Given the following structure: struct foo { char c; short s; void* p; int i...
[14 replies] Last: Then I guess it can do both and does #pragma to keep compatibility wi... (by Disch)
ODB - compiler-base ORM for C++
I am pleased to announce the initial release of ODB. ODB is an open-source, compiler-based object...
[12 replies] Last: 1. If better packages exist on a BSD-like license, then I like you wo... (by TheDaemoness)
by Kyon
Cleaner code (1,2)
The reason for me to write this article is the fact that many people don't seem to know (or care) ab...
[22 replies] Last: int main(){ return 0; } This disagrees with you bracket ru... (by DrChill)
Debugging Your Program
Debugging Your Program I feel that this is a topic that needs to be covered in detail. As ...
[3 replies] Last: Assertions: (by chrisname)
generate any possible password in lowercase alpha (1,2)
generate any possible combination of words to find the passwords of any length in lowercase alphabit...
[20 replies] Last: I don't actually care. I was discussing which is faster "in theory", w... (by tition)
use new to allocate a structure array
I searched the internet front and back looking for the answer to this problem. "Do programming exer...
[1 reply] : Why is this in the article section? It doesn't look that good... Yo... (by Zhuge)
C++ interview Question (1,2)
I have collected interview question and added this forum. Please feel free to add more question for ...
[28 replies] Last: update blog with new name (by agoswami)
by Bazzy
Beginner Exercises (1,2,3,...,13,14,15,16)
The original post was from Blitz Coder ( ) at http:/...
[300 replies] Last: A great theoritical part given and the code snippets are very useful f... (by machwan)
Sorting Algorithms
Introduction In common programming, you don't often find yourself coming across a need for di...
[7 replies] Last: 500000 integers within the length of 1 - 1000000000 sorted in a tenth ... (by closed account S6k9GNh0)
Cool Config Parsing Idea
I came up with this while making a small configuration parser using XML. Basically, it reduces the a...
[1 reply] : This may have already been made but I couldn't find it anywhere soooo... (by R0mai)
This code is being modified... It currently has a couple of bugs. Hey all, I just wanted to pla...
[15 replies] Last: Ah, that's because I forgot to #include <ciso646>. Thanks for the fee... (by Duthomhas)
by QxOrm
QxOrm : Persistence (ORM), Serialization, Reflection
Hello, QxOrm is a new open source ORM ( Object Relational Mapping ) C++ library designed to pro...
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Bison Tracking
aka. How to create a parser in C++ without using Flex or Bison PART 1. Revision: 2nd W...
[7 replies] Last: Edited for correctness. -Albatross (by TheDaemoness)
by helios
Re: Top 10 tips for code porting c/c++
I wanted to reply in the thread, but it was archived, so here goes: The best way to introduce co...
[7 replies] Last: DOS is fun to play with. No hardware protection means you can basicall... (by chrisname)
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