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Printer Stream
A little while ago, someone made a post like this ostream printer; printer << "Some text" << end...
[8 replies] Last: Ah yes, good call on that one. (by moorecm)
Passing arrays to and from functions safely and securely
I wrote this article for the purpose of addressing common problems that are experienced by the progr...
[13 replies] Last: I wanted to follow up with an example that demonstrates why the std::... (by kempofighter)
My way to make a game map in the console.
simple enough... This post most likely contains either an error or something somebody disagrees w...
[5 replies] Last: I would create this helper: struct Coord { typedef short va... (by jsmith)
Top 10 tips for code porting c/c++
Code portability basically refers to making source code able to compile on different platform withou...
[13 replies] Last: Surely there's more to porting than that. No mention of how to deal w... (by kbw)
Inline function Advantages, Disadvantages, Performance and User Guidelines ? (1,2)
Inline function is the optimization technique used by the compilers. One can simply prepend inline k...
[29 replies] Last: But still if we talk about portable code we cant always rely on compi... (by imi)
So you want to program games? (1,2)
NOTE: This article does not start you on game programming! The Beginning: A lot of people who ...
[33 replies] Last: Apparently there are lots of jokes on noobs wanting to code a game ht... (by Bazzy)
Linked Lists
Article based on Linked Lists by computerquip revision 2: Linked lists are a basic concept in alm...
[6 replies] Last: Error: in C, a Node* isn't valid. That should be struct Node* .... (by chrisname)
User made database for learning c++?
This is not going to be an article to start but I was not sure were else to put it. I was thinkin...
[4 replies] Last: I was just mentioning it because to me, it seems clear that Player::He... (by chrisname)
by jsmith
When to pass parameters by value, reference, and pointer
Occasionally we get posts asking the differences between references and pointers, and in the contex...
[9 replies] Last: The difference between passing by const reference and by value is one ... (by jsmith)
by jsmith
The clone pattern
In order to copy an object, you have to know at compile time the object's type, because the type is...
[1 reply] : In order to copy an object, you have to know at compile time the obj... (by hamsterman)
Member Initialization List over Assignment
To start with, this article is not actually my own words. It is a small section of the fantastic boo...
[7 replies] Last: There is a difference in C++ between initialization and assignment ... (by jsmith)
An alternate to using getch()
OK, I have seen enough people suggesting the use of non-standard getch() or _getch(). Please, ref...
[9 replies] Last: Like I said, it's only unreadable to me because WinAPI is unreadable t... (by chrisname)
Guide to Common Standards (1,2,3)
Currently under-construction. INTRODUCTION What is a set of standards and why am I reading...
[45 replies] Last: I am yet to work in such in environment so I failed to see it being s... (by kempofighter)
random tips and tricks that might be useful
1. have you seen unindented codes from the forum? well if you're using code::blocks, there is a plu...
[9 replies] Last: well if you're using code::blocks, there is a plugin called AStyle ak... (by chrisname)
Enabling GodMode on Windows 7
"GodMode" if you can call it that, is an advanced Control panel available to the new Windows 7. Only...
[7 replies] Last: [quote=DrChill]how do all these easter eggs get found? People who ... (by gcampton)
by jsmith
C++ type erasure
One of the significant advantages templates have over polymorphism is their ability to retain type....
[15 replies] Last: Another reason to use type erasure, as a colleague put it: when the t... (by jsmith)
by jsmith
Copy constructors, assignment operators, and exception safe assignment
What is a copy constructor? A copy constructor is a special constructor for a class/struct th...
[3 replies] Last: Sure. It just means that if you, the programmer create some type Fo... (by jsmith)
c++ and java differences (1,2)
i've just learn the basics of c++ and figured out some differences of c++ and java. i'd like to post...
[22 replies] Last: So do I. Not doing so is asking for memory leaks and such. (by chrisname)
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