Need help with function outputting stars.

I need to write a function that outputs the number of stars for whatever value is entered. Only the function though. For example if 5 outputs *****. It also has to use a void return.

hope this will work
void star(int n)// integer input that specify the no of star that u want to display
    int i;

cyber dude
What's the point of doing their homework they just a lazy Ass if they want help that's okay but asking someone to do their hw....
hw?? u sure it's a hw qn cz it's too silly to be a hw qn
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It's hw we had same assignment at my college and u can tell because he said give me code not hey can I get some help or any suggestions
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Even if it weren't given by a "teacher", it would be homework -- something that the OP should learn to do.

Now, replace the iteration with std::setfill and std::setw.
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