Internal Heap Limit error

Boy, I just run into the best errors.
Last month, I decided to start using header files because the main body of my program was too big (a fault pointed out by that pesky internal heap limit error) and I didn't (and don't) know how to use /Zm. But now, with all three of my header files complete, I am encountering ANOTHER internal heap limit error IN one of my header files.
So, I have a two-part question: 1) What, exactly, is the proper way to use a header file, and 2) how do I use /Zm - in '98 Visual Studios?
Why are you using a dinosaur like VS 6.0?

This error is associated with precompiled header files. One could always stop using them.

As far as using /Zm in VS 6.0: Open your project settings menu and go to the C++ options. One of those should take compiler switches to add to the command line.
Waiter, the help is excellent, but the insulting commentary is a little stale.
What insulting commentary?

The only thing vaguely resembling an insult is a question that labels VS 6.0 as a dinosaur. It is a dinosaur. It's 15 years old and 7 versions out of date; I don't know why you would take umbrage at the use of the term.

And.. you didn't satisfy my curiosity. Why are you using an old beast like VS 6.0?
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