Ok I'm stuck. I'm suppose to make a program using arrays. I've finished half the program, however, at the end I'm suppose to calculate the average, variance, and deviation. Basically, I'm suppose to read data from a file, which will consist of grade info for a class. The first line will consist of correct answers and the following lines will have a student name, followed by their answers. I'm suppose to calculate the number of points the student received, which i have. the I'm suppose to put the calculated points into an array, the part i am stuck...

here the part i'm stuck....

int main()
int total;
//all this has the info to read the file which is fine.
total = calculatepoints(key,test);

//part where i'm stuck, how do i put each individual total into an array

int calculatepoints(char key[],char test[])
//all this has info to calculate points, which is fine
return points;

Any help will be much appreciated!! Thanks!!
cld u give the full code
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