string question

I have the position to start, and the length of the sting that I want
How can I get that string?
For example,
Hi, how are you?

how can I start getting the string with the word how, and the length of 5?
string mystring;
mystring="Hi, how are you?";
cout << mystring.erase(0,4) << endl;// Starting at 0, delete chars 4 
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How about if I want to read the word between how and you?
Therefore i will get
, how are
Then you can string.erase more than once

mystring.erase(starting position,chars to delete)

mystring.erase(0,4); // delete 4 chars at start
mystring.erase(11,99); // delete 99 chars starting at position 11
cout << mystring;

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