GUI Programming


I'm required to add a graphical user interface (dialog based) to a banking system program that I wrote before. The dialog box has to have an Account and Amount controls,
Deposit and Withdraw buttons and Status control to show Account status after depositing or withdrawing.

The problem is that the book I use doesn't have any chapters about GUI programming and the instructor's ppts aren't that clear. I already have the bank functions and everything, it's just that I'm very confused on how to do it. For example, if the deposit button is pressed, how would I get the amount (in the Amount control) and add it to what's already in the account? Same thing for withdrawing. How would I subtract? A little example code would be appreciated. Not asking for the whole thing, just a little code to help me get started.

Thanks a lot.

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i suggest opengl or if its on windows windows.h
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