The Age Old "which one first?"

Okay simple enough. Which language should i learn first, here's a few filters to help you guys narrow it down for me.

1. Im self-learning

2. I did java for three year at high school, but was high as f**k most of the time so i didn't really learn effectively, i could write a few basic programs using classes and objects but i never "really" payed attention to the concepts behind it all (I know right...the important bits). So pretty much i have a vague understanding of the concepts and when i mean vague I mean VAGUE MOFO! But i know all the syntax stuffs :-) I quite like the language but i have no idea why but i almost respect other languages more, simply cause im not a fan of the whole security issues and the fact that some programmers are saying java's dying etc (not that i believe them)

3. I really like the concept of being a C++ programmer, but i'm a bit skeptical in learning it for my first major language, A because i'm self-learning it, B cause im a bit impatient and like to see results quickly.

So think you guys can help me out? What I'm looking for is a general all-purpose language that will help me with other languages and the general quality of my coding throughout my future programming career.

Another thing please if you not an experienced programmer well versed in at least 2-3 languages please don't answer, i cant trust someone who's telling me to study Ruby first because that's the only language they "really" know
C/C++ if you want better understanding how things works closer to hardware.
And I would recommend Python if you want to learn more abstract programming stuff first. Also you will learn to indent (My favorite thing in Python actually).

My recommendation: Python (or similar high-level language) to learn basic programming, importance of code style, common algorithms; and then C/C++ for more understanding of inner working of computers.
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