I hate programming

Hi guys.I'm writing this message with my eyes full of tears :(..
The problem started after my grade during high school.I was not able to enter Faculty of Engineering because my grade wasn't high enough (lower with 0.5% only!!!).So there were 2 scientific faculties left,Faculty of Science(Basic Science) & Faculty of Computers.So I entered the second one thinking that it will be exciting because I love computers(I found out that everybody does but not everybody loves programming).After I entered the college till now I love problem solving on online judges like uVA and TopCoder (I solve problems for fun not thinking them as part of programming) but I don't like making projects & learning C++.Concepts like Pointers & Object-Oriented Programming is killing me.What is the wonderful thing in that ? and the game programming is very very difficult and needs genius people.
Programming is very very boring.I can't Imagine that I have to study programming for 4 whole years because my low grade and work as a software developer for the rest of my life!!!And I can't enter another faculty for many reasons.
When I was thinking in this problem of my low grade before entering the faculty,I decided to enter that faculty because my dad would bring me a laptop & I would travel away from home to study near my faculty so I could ran away from problems and troubles in my home (I'm full nervous in my home unfortuantely :()

I can't think straight,what to do ? :(
I think how to love code and programming is better.
Theraphists don't know about programming.
What country are you from?
SPOONLICKER DETECTED *sounds the sirens*
You do not have to be a genius to program nor have the best grades because I myself know I am not a genius and never had good grades in school. You have to be motivated and have a passion for it. Read that page as many times
until you get it, no one is born smart.

I started getting into computers at a later age at 21, now I am 22. I already have my own web site for the purpose of developing my android applications. I read some books and viewed video tutorials to get me started from php, javascript, html5, css3, mysql, C/C++, python, Java, & C#.

I know I am not a professional because I am still learning, but I mean my background history is not great at all.

Do not force yourself into something you cannot see your self doing.
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