New C++ Book.


I've been looking a bit through a couple of books, my recently book was Accelerated C++, but I stopped after 2 chapters. I don't know why, but I just lost it somehow.
Anyways, I've been looking through a couple of E-Books, and know the basics, int's, string's, double's etc, all those things.
What book should I read to continue, I thought of C++ Primer 5th Edition, is that a good choice?

Still need help with this.
I guess it's all personal preference.

I just used the tut on this site mostly, read documentation on en.cppreference and here, trial & error coding. Never read any books.

Hey, at least you've gotten a reply :P
you can try c++ how to program
Typically, I say learn the syntax of the language using any beginner C++ book of your choice and the tutorial on this site:

Then, I'd suggest Scott Meyer's Effective C++. This book is aimed for entry-level developers.

From there, I'd say you should be on a mission to learn the STL. Generic Programming and the STL is a great read on that. As would be Juosuttis' The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference.

At that point, I'd recommend focusing on enforcing good habits and recognizing red flags. C++ Coding Standards by Sutter and Alexandrescu is one of the best books I have ever read.

If the more abstract interests you, you can venture of toward Design Patterns by GoF and/or Modern C++ Design by Alexandrescu.

Then, finally, I'd recommend Exceptional C++ to work though some problems regarding exception safety.

By this point, you'll be more prepared than most other C++ folks you'll encounter professionally.
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