Learning to Program - advice?

So, I'm currently 16 years old and I'd like to become a video game programmer someday when I finish college. Obviously I want to learn to code. I have no idea where to start, though... I know a lot of video game programming jobs (at least, the kinds that I want to be involved with) require C++, so I came into this thinking "Okay C++ it is!"

However.. after doing a bit of research, it doesn't seem so easy to start with. A lot of websites recommended starting with Python and then moving on to C/C++, but i'm not sure what to do.

Python also seems to have quite a few areas online where you can learn the language, but I haven't looked for C++. Any suggested (preferably free, i'm broke) ways/books/courses to learn C++?

I am the same age as you and my first class is a C++ class in the college I am in. Programming takes a lot of passion, energy and time for you to be good at it.

I would suggest trying this book:


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I use it and it explains a lot but other research is always required for programming. Try some of the problems after reading the chapter and come onto the forum if you need any help !

Hope my post helps you in anyway.

- RadCod3Win
MIT opencourseware has complete college courses online for free, including video lectures.


The tutorial on this site is very good as well.

If you're interested in games, check out Unity. It's pretty intuitive for beginners, and it also uses a variety of other languages, such as Javascript and C#. I also believe there is a free version of it for download.

As for C++ books, I like the C++ Primer. You could also check local schools (Colleges) libraries for a free book section (my school has one, and I got 60+ computer science books for free because of it.)

I'm 32 and in my third term of C++, learning the language can be frustrating and at times boring at first, but if you stick with it, it'll come together and you'll realize just how powerful and fun the language is.

So you recommend the MIT Opencourseware? I wasn't too sure. That course starts with Python, which I was just going to learn by using LPTHW. But I guess actually seeing video lectures would be very helpful.
I'd still like more opinions on this.
Get started. Planning is great and all but if you don't have an actual foundation (coding experience, working on projects, etc.) to base your planning on, its pretty much a pipe dream. Speaking from a perspective of day-dreaming way too much.

You will need to know more than just how to write codes in your chosen programming language to build a marketable game/be part of a game developing team. I have yet to find out what they are though, but an older member of this forum mentioned that writing codes is just a small part of having that "Programmer" job title.

C++ seems to be the more "difficult" of programming language to learn (basing off what I read from the threads here). Going through it would make learning other languages easier (which you will need to any way).

If you're headstrong in learning C++, learncpp.com is free and has been recommend here and there. So check it out, finish it up and see how you like it. Again, just get started.
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I'm 16 just like you and I have recently started studying c++ how to program by Deitel and I like it! I think before you can create a game or even move an image on the display you should learn many important aspects of programming and C++. So start learning c++ and as "Olysold" said you can't learn until you start to learn it.
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