Which was the first

Hi guys. I have a simple question :D. If you need a compiler to run your code, then how was the first compiler made? Which was first the hen or the egg (The first program code or the compiler) :D
The fact is initially the only way to get a program into a computer was to do it manually via patch cables and such. Compilers came along much later.
And how are they made? Via these patch cables? :)
The very first programs would be written in machine code and entered via a set of switches (or similar), one machine word at a time.

Then, using the above method, (still entering via the switches) it would be possible to write a simple assembler, which is a program that translates simple mnemonics into machine language.

After that stage is completed, the assembler program code can be re-written in its own language and used to assemble itself. This is a test that the program is working, and more importantly allows an improved, more advanced version of the assembler to be developed.

The assembler can then be used directly, and also to develop other higher-level languages.

Thus, each stage is used to enable the next, in effect pulling oneself up by one's bootstraps. That's the background to the term, booting-up.
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