My first 'BIG' program & what to improve on

Alright, so this is my first "Big" program I've written in c++. It's a silly text-based game, but it took me a few days to write. I tried to format/organize the code, but it's probably still sloppy, as I'm not really sure what the standard rules for organizing code is. I did put a few comments in; I don't know if the comments are that helpful, but they may help you understand what's going on a bit more than if there were not comments at all.

Basically, I wanted to post the game I made here to get some tips on how to improve my programming style in the future, and for use guys to tell me what I did wrong/how I can do things better and prevent doing the same mistakes I made in this program.

Also, I don't really know if I'd call this a game, as it's just a silly little half-baked idea I had a few nights ago. By the way, I don't really know all the rules of this forum, but just so you guys know this game does have some offensive language in it, and i'm sure some would also say this game is a bit immature, but like I said it was a silly idea I had. The game is supposed to be that way. So yeah, if you get offended by coarse language I wouldn't play the game/read the source.

I was just gonna paste the source here, but it had too many characters, so here's the source on pastebin:
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I take it that that means you enjoyed it :)

But I'd still like to know what people think of my source code.
its funny! xD
-the random cases-
"You see a man on a dock drinking a soda......"
"You see an old woman standing outside a gas station...."
"Soda acquired!....." XDDD
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