Need a new C++ Book.


I was reading accelerated C++, and the first 2 chapters went fine, but when it went to loops(chapter 3) I didn't understand anything, and they used to complicated language, I didn't get anything of it.

Anyone recommend some other good beginner books?

you could try online tutorials first, they could explain better. After that you can try this book: learning c++ through game programming. It's a pretty much beginners book, which I am almost finished with. But I would recommend to check the online tutorials for c++ first.
I agree with dhruv. If it's just the loops section you don't understand, try reading up online, and go back to the book. I wouldn't buy a new book unless you're sure you won't understand any of the one you're currently reading. If you do end up doing so, look for an older edition, so you don't have to shell out $60 (most often, more!) for a book. Programming concepts don't change much, so an older book isn't a terrible choice.

tl;dr - read this site's tutorial before buying.
Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++
bjarne stroustrup (C++ creator)
Try Computer Programming For Teens. It has a very good structure, plus they spoonfeed it in a way thats not boring, and you learn
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