find the root of the equation ax2+bx+c=0

I want to find roots of the equation ax2+bx+c=0
searching different programs for quadratic equation I don't get the answer I want
for example input a=1,b=1,c=6
then answer should be x1=2 x2=-3
I find this using factorization

using this equation

I can not get the desire answer how to make a program that use factorization to find roots of equation.
#include <math.h>
pow( number , powerOf );

( a root is the denominator of a power eg sq root is 1/2 power or .5 power)

btw you should atleast post some code?

corresponds to
a = 1
b = 1
c = -6

Note c is negative.
If c is +6, the roots are imaginary.
yeah but if it is +6 maybe b is 10 and then b²is > -1 * ( 4 * 1 * 6) =p
but I guess he could write his own code on roots/powers that would take into consideration of i ( √-1 )

and you could of always just put the formula here (even though most people already know it) instead of a link
-b± √( b²-4ac )
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