I want to clear these topics in my holidays.Please suggest me a book for each of these topic is possible :
1. Windows Programming in C++
2. Networking in C++
3. Hardware interaction Programming in C++

Please note that I'm a beginner in each of the given topic.
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Windows Programming;

Windows System Programming 4th edition by J.M Hart and If you are after UIs, take a look at ( excellent MFC free course );

Both J.M Hart and Tenouk provide real good hardcore content on windows programming.

If you are dealing with hardware, you just need to know if you are going to write Windows drivers or use them in your code. Windows driver programming is quite complex, while using drivers is relatively easy like interfacing a certain USB or serial device.

J. M Hart and Tenouk make use of ANSI C instead of C++, but it is relatively simple to port code to C++.

EDIT: if you ever find a good tutorial on windows USB c++ programming ( not development of windows device drivers ), please let me know|!
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