I need help writing a program?

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I started but I am lost I don't understand classes, functions, etc and my assignment is due tomorrow... IF anyone is interested in helping me please send me a message... I would really appreciate it... I started my program
Why not post your program here?
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@Daleth don't want to get in trouble can you help me?
You won't get in trouble for asking for tips, advice or a fresh pair of eyes. But sure. If you really feel paranoid, you can send it to my PM, but we (anyone who wants to help) would prefer you to post your trouble code here.
Tiffany Please post here. what you assignment is. you dont have to do the code if you dont want. why would you get introuble anyways? youre making us even more paranoid... sorry but its the truth.
Why would she make us paranoid lol the people that do not post code most of the time just want someone to do it for them or they just copy/paste with out trying to learn and don't want the professor to see they copy/pasted it's also the people that delete their post after getting an answer. But hey, she could be trying and just doesn't want to post code for who knows why
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Yeah thanks I just really care about my grades, and I am a bit paranoid but I like to follow the rules... Thanks
it's also the people that delete their post after getting an answer

if your worried about plagarism... Im pretty sure your professor wont mind if this community helps change small aspects of your program, but to late now.
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Yeah no worries today was my last day in that class! Yay!
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