Super Market Simulation

Hello, I am new on C and I want to write a program which simulates super market queues.
I have 3 cash desks, 100 customers each of them has arrival time, waiting time and service time.
Could anyone help me with this program?
Why do people want others to do their homework for them? Why exactly did you take the class? was it for some other reason other then to pay attention and learn?

What is it that you need?
This is one of the 5 parts of my homework. I have made the other 4 and I have stuck on this. I do not know how to implement the structures in order to use them in my program. Just this. I think that is not so hard for someone to give me a way to implement some code of this work. If you have any problem with that, don't help me. But you have no the right to tell me what to write and what to ask in a FREE, OPEN forum which made in order to HELP and not judge people. Thanks and good luck!
Look at the top of the page. You'll see a box that says "search:"

type the word:

click "go".

refer to your in class notes.

revel in the glory that you did it on your own.
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