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I can't express how much I would like to learn to program, especially in C++, but I face a rather large problem. I know all too well from reading other forums that programming is much more than just syntax command, and would like to learn it from the ground up. Does anyone have a good selection of books or otherwise to start learning to program?

Note: I cannot utilize college education, as I am not yet old enough to attend college.
"Jumping into C++" is my great book for beginner thought. It's available at cprogramming.com
Thank you for the recommendation, I will be sure to look at it. Just to clarify, I'm more so looking at the science behind the programming, so I can get a - for lack of a better word - backstage look at what I'm doing, so I'm not just typing things without knowing what (insert vital programming knowledge here) is. Again, thank you for the recommendation.
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SolidMercury, I agree with Kradragon94 completely - "Jumping into C++" is a really great place to start.

It's available as an ebook and just came out as a paperback, which I also bought, as I love a book in front of me to highlight things, tick any exercises I get right and also carry around.

You can preview many of the tutorials free to see if you like the teaching style:


Happy learning! Don

You can also get good information at:

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