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My question is this: How can I do "cin" without pressing "enter" after i entered something. for instance i have a menu. i want to choose one of the options. i want to press only the option number and the program will go on, and won't wait 'till i press "enter"? thank i hope i was clear about my question.

and another thing, if only it's not to complicated, how can make two functions run at the same time. i mean for example i have a tetris game with music playing.
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If the input is coming from the keyboard - you must press enter for the input to get processed! Is the input coming from a file?

I think you will need to state exactly what you are trying to do before you will get any answers that will help.
well, i want to write a tetris game. and i need to get the input from keyboard to move the blocks, but i don't want to player to press "enter" after each move. i want him pressing the arrow keys and the movement will happen in real time.
> How can I do "cin" without pressing "enter"
Look for `raw input keyboard'.
Try ncurses or SFML.

> how can make two functions run at the same time
get two computers.
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