c++ functions

Can someone please help me my programme is still not completely error free. Please i have been working on it all weekend long. I have tried several ways still not getting through/ Thank you.


using namespace std;


float maxim (float grade);

float maxim= grade;
if(grade > maxim)
maxim= grade;

return maxim;

float smallest ( float grade)

float minim= grade;
if (grade < minim)
minim= grade;

return minim;


float average (float grade, float sum, int count)
float avg= sum/count;
return avg;


void printout (float minim, float maxim, float avg)

cout<<"The Largest is:" << maxim<<setprecision (2)<< endl;
cout<<" The Smallest is:" << minim<< setprecision (2)<< endl;
cout <<" The Average is:" << avg<< setprecision (2)<< endl;


int main ()

float grade, sum, minim, maxim, avg,name;
int count;
count= 0;
cout<<"Enter name then -1 to quit" << " Enter grade then -1 to quit";
cin >> name;
while (grade>=0.0)

printout (minim, maxim, avg);

return 0;

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You are setting greatest/lowest to grade then comparing try setting to 0 then compare otherwise they always equal ( unlessfp )
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