I need help starting a Dice game

This are the instructions:
You are to write a dice game for 3 players. The rules for the game are:

The game ends when any player gets 100 or more points.
The players take turns and each turn may consist of one or more rolls of the dice.
The turn ends either voluntarily or if the user rolls a 7 as the sum of the two dice.
The player earns the sum of all rolls taken during his/her turn unless a 7 is rolled. These points are added to the player's cumulative total points.
The points for a roll is the sum of both dice, unless "doubles" (the same number on each die) or a 7 is rolled. For "doubles", the roll is counted as 13 points. For a 7, the roll is counted as 0 points and the turn ends.

What should I do first?

the best would be to get a recent IDE like code::blocks or visual c++.
The create a console project wich usually includes the main() function.

look at srand() and rand(). For an example look here:


I'm just having problems with the loop statements, if ... and if ... else statements. Not really good with functions.
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