help beginner

i have some cpp and hpp that download from a book. However, i do not know how can make it link and work. i think it may be the problem of directory. can anyone help me.

Considering the information that you did (not) give, I would do:
g++ -Wall -o foo *.cpp
no i am a beginner.
the code is #include<Random1.h>
if i change <Random1.h> to "Random1.h", it works.
the book say this is directory problem. how can i fix it instead of change the code to "Random1.h".
You have to tell the compiler (preprocessor actually) to add current directory to the search path for the includes.
can you help me how to tell compiler to add current directory.
i use windows 7 and vc 2010.
No, but I can tell that VC 2010 has a manual.
thanks, i have find the place for the include directory and it works. however there is another problem. it is initially for the boost library. now i change it to my <Random1.h> file, so how about the boost.
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