Learning to program before language?

I'm a budding programmer working on learning C++, but while doing that, I've been wondering about how I should go about learning programming, not just syntax. Are there any good books that could help me with this?

// I currently own Jumping Into C++ by Alex Allain
Thats the first book I got, that got me really interested in C++ :o
but I cant help you because i am really new to it too D:
I recommend watching the "Programming Methodology" course offered by stanford university for free on youtube.
this course uses Karel The Robot, works in Java environment, but basically, you'll be using lots of c++ syntax.
this course doesn't care about the libraries of java, it just focuses on teaching students how to program something.

you gotta be careful though, you have to work with the professor.
Here's a video playlist concentrating on algorithms and data structures held by Richard Buckland at UNSW (University New South Wales):

I'll be sure to check out both. Thanks!
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