How do you learn programming?

What is the best free way to learn coding without buying anything?I found some of the explanations in online C++ tutorials are quite limited and unclear.
you might start with the Documentation in this site.

you can also download lots of free books, i suggest:
C++ The Complete Reference_ 4th Edition - Herbert Schildt

this is the URL:
that's great for standard c++.

you can also watch "programming methodology" course offered free by Stanford, just search youtube for it.

the most important thing is to experiment with every new statement you learn, programming is about working by yourself.
Program. Ask about issues on forums. Program more. You need many practice. Read every bit of information if you do not want to buy books: patterns of programming, best practices: you probably will not discover these yourself.
There is free variant of C++ standard. You can find some references in it if you know how to use it. Use online references.

Or become a pirate

Either way with books or not, you will not learn how to program without practice. It should be your main focus.
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Thank both of you very much.....
How do you learn programming?

Do you mean how to code in C++?

Or the principles of how to write computer programs?

I mean learn the language and maybe made something through coding.
Incognito20, I found

a very helpful place to start.

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