User not to scroll up

Hello i have a project I'm currently doing and one of the specifications is that the user should not have to scroll while playing any of the games. I have been reading up on system("pause") and all that.So i wanted to know how the user would not have to scroll up and if possible explain what system("pause") is and why its not recommended by most.
system("pause") will call system command processor and pass pause as argument. Saud command processor will run program "pause". After it execution control will be retuned to original program.

It is costly. It is not noticeable for pause, but it will be critical for many other ones.
It is non cross-platform. It will work only on windows.
You can run into security issues. Some enviroment can disallow system calls.
You can run into safety issues if somebody replaces pause to do something malicious.

Best way is to get some console manipulation library. Almost all of them is Linux based (because francly, Windows console if crap) but there is Windows ports.
Or you can use WinAPI to manipulate console properties (clear buffer to disallow scrolling for example) directly.

Read this too:
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