How to get a job as a c++ programmer?

to be a self educated computer programmer is my choice but to get a job, what do i need?
I also do not know this.:)
Usually by using your personal connections. The qualifiacation as a programmer has no matter

For example top menegers usually have "gold parashutes" after they bancrupted firms or failed projects. What were their qualifications?:)
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Look for job offers you are interested in, and see desired skills. For example this random google job offer req:
* Strong C++ and STL development skills.
* Demonstrable OO design skills.
* MFC 9.0 (VS C++ 2008) and practical experience of developing Microsoft Windows applications with graphical user interfaces (for example GDI).

Can you do any of this at desired level? Yes - apply for job, No - study it.

Also remember to write tons of software so you can show it to your potential employer.

hi! what if i choose Qt instead of MFC? and is there a reason why you recommends MFC over win32, qt, wxwidgets, gtk+? weeks ago, i made a decision that Qt will be my gui framework but since you recommend MFC, may i know why?

and also why VS C++ 2008? i think there are newer versions? nahhh... just curious.
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Actions speak louder than words. You should have - or start to build up - a portfolio of non-trivial programs that you have written or worked on. For example open source projects that you have / are participated in. Technical articles that you contributed to..

I think that an impressive portfolio of your work can be the key especially if some of it involves the knowledge that a given employer might be seeking.
I didn't recommend a thing. I just pasted some sample job requirements.

I also agree with returnThis - good portfolio is better than degree without coding experience.
jasonrobertz357 wrote:
what do i need?
Without a degree is hard.

What you need are software project where you can proof that you did it and no other
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