tried linklist implementation using two classes(node and list), error

i tried implementing Singly Linked List using two classes, SLLNode(node) and SLL(list class)
Here're the implementations


class SLLNode
{ public:

int info;
SLLNode *next;
info = 0;
SLLNode(int infp, SLLNode* testdf = 0){
info = infp;
next = testdf;


class SLL
head = tail = 0;
int isEmpty(){
head = tail = 0;
void addToHead(int);
void addToTail(int);
int removeFromHead();
int removeFromTail();
SLLNode *head, *tail;


#include <iostream>
#include "SLLink.h"

for ( SLLNode *p; !isEmpty(); ){
p = head->next;
delete head;
head = p;

void SLL::addToHead(int t){
head = new SLLNode(t,head);
if ( tail == 0)
tail = head;

void SLL::addToTail(int t){
if (tail!= 0){
tail->next = new SLLNode(t);
tail = tail->next;}
else head = tail = newSLLNode(t);}

int SLL::removeFromHead(){
int t = head->info;
SLLNode *temp;
temp = head;

if( head == tail)
head = tail = 0;
head = head->next;
delete temp;
return t;

int SLL::removeFromTail(){
int t = tail->info;
if(head == tail){
delete head;
head = tail = 0;
else{ SLLNode *p = head;
SLLNode *temp;
while( p->next != tail )
p= p-> next;
temp = tail;
tail = p;
delete temp;
tail->next = 0;
/* OR
delete tail; tail = tmp; tail-> next - 0;

return t;}

When i build this i get this error among many others:

'class SLL' has no member named 'next'

Can somebody explain why??
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Your code is invalid. I will not talk about symantic bugs. It is enough to point out syntax bugs. For example what is newSLLNode in statement?

else head = tail = newSLLNode(t);}

As for the error you should point out the statement for which the error was generated.
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SLL and SLLNode are two completely different classes having no relationship at all. the expression head->next does not have any meaning. head belongs to SLL and next belongs to SLLNode.

Also, it will be better if you try to implement linked lists only 1 class instead of two. Careful attention shall have to be paid for memory allocation / de-allocation
It is obvious that instead of SLL *head, *tail; there shall be SLLNode *head, *tail; in the class definition of SLL.
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