Starting off learning c++ ( first language)

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the fourms. I am 14 years old, and have decided to take up learning c++. At the moment i am a game artist. But i find i rather annoying that i cannot bring my art to life because i have no clue how to code.

At the moment i have been following "The New Bostons" tutorials on youtube. I can now program a basic calculator thanks to these tutorials. But is this the best way to start off? I hope to make a career out of software development or Game Programming, and i really wish to get ahead, and join the ranks of the many initiative self taught programmers.

So what is the best way for a absolute beginner to learn c++. (As his first language)
If you want to become an artist and not a programmer(especially if at any point you feel that it isn't meant for you) then I suggest game maker or to just practice your art on paper.

If you are sure you want to be a programmer and not an artist, I wouldn't suggest C++ as your first language. I started off with C++ and it was terrible because there are certain concepts like pointer arithmetic that would give me weird errors like "Segmentation fault". C++ is not beginner friendly.

You might want to look at Python as a beginner.

Another thing, bouncing from youtube tutorial to youtube tutorial is not good. It will only confuse you as certain youtube videos will assume you have certain knowledge which you don't and others will dumb it down which will only frustrate you. New Boston's tutorials are great for beginners.

Don't expect to be making any games anytime soon either unless you want to make a simple board game or rpg. You most likely don't know any physics, which game programming requires a lot of.
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If you switch to Python then don't feel as if you learned anything useless or wasted your time. What you know now is directly applicable to any other programming language.
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The NewBoston is a great start. However when learning a language like C++ or your first language I recommend using multiple sources. The documentation link on this site offers great tutorials on C++. I also recommend picking up a beginners book on C++ at a book store (or by other means ;) ) because these are usually books written by authors who were paid a lot of money and assume you know nothing at all. I personally recommend "Beginning C++ through game programming" and "Sam's teach yourself c++ in 24 hours".
I also recommend this website right here
It is broken up into classes and offers PDF'S you can download. They are great introductions to OOP design and doing things like working with multiple files and writing to files. Glad to hear you are going to learn programming! Wish I had started at your age young one.


One more thing. Most people start programming because they want to be a game developer or simply make games. Most of those people end up not becoming game developers unless in their spare time. Being a game developer isn't as great as it seems.
I also want to say that if you have never research programming before and just wanting to do it to quickly get something onto the screen. You probably do not want to do programming. If you want to do that just do the above suggestions like game maker or even flash. If you want to flirt with some programming but maybe not go over board with it I recommend maybe learning some html/css and then learn JavaScript
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