My first C++ program, this will prolly be an easy question to answer.

Attempting to learn game programming using the book 'Beginning C++ through game programming - Third Edition' by Michael Dawson.

I have absolutely no experience coding, and already I have a question. Before creating your first application, He suggests that you download a compiler, specifically an IDE. He suggested Microsoft C++ Visual studio 2010 express. On the website I saw that they had released the 2012 edition so I downloaded that.

When I open the visual studio to write my program. i click on new project (makes sense), but then I see 4 options:

Win32 Console Application

Win32 Project

Empty Project

Makefile Project

I was kind of disappointed that all the book did was throw code at me, and didn't explain the above options.

Can anyone explain what type of project I need to create to make programs, and what each kind of new project is used for? Thanks a lot.
Win32 Console Application
Is template to start creating console application (Black window where you are typing and where text is printed)
Win32 Project
Is template to start creating window applicaton
Empty Project
Empty project without any configuration done. You should tune it yourself
Makefile Project
For using VS IDE with another compilers.
as beginner myself I always go with 'empty project'. I will expand to others as my experience increases.
I'm a beginner also, and I always go with Console. btw if you'd rather watch video tutorials instead of reading or watch them and read this guy makes really good ones I plan on going to a book once I finish his videos the title of your book sounds interesting actually so I might get that one.

Happy learning :)
I like code blocks myself
Thanks for the answers guys, and Dominic, I just found out that he actually does give a step by step for making your first program, there's just fine print that says, "refer to appendix A for step by step," or something... I'm not sure why theyd tell you to go to the back of the book instead of just writing the step by steps right there, but whatever, as long as its there.
I am actually working through this book myself
I also started some weeks ago with "programming principles and practice using c++" by Bjarne Stroustrup ( the author of c++)

They did same thing there. The put it towards the end of the book. I also wondered why.

Well I had a bit of experience in C programming, so i didnt have as much problems.

Btw, i used thenewboston also before, he has good tutorial, but he gives only really basic knowledge of C++ and his C++ tutorial is incomplete.

But i love his channel.

And to answer your question, select: Win32 Console Application.

When you click enter, another window will show, select empty project.

Then right click on source (at the right of your screen "i think") and select add new. Then select C++ code.
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