plz help me this exercise

In the z-transform, the poles are zp according to the formula zp = e^(sp T)
s in the range shown in the z-domain. with sp = σ + j ω
follows: zp = e^(σ T) e ^(j ω T) = [cos(ω T) + j sin(ω T)]e^(σ T )
Both variables (sp and cp) are complex variables (∈ C |), so can the
struct pole
double real, imag;
} Are described.
Create a function with the following signature!
c2d pole (pole & s_pole, double t);
The function c2d 'gets as parameters the pole s_pole (sp) and the time T
passed and returns the value calculated by the above equation zp as a return
Value returned also as complex value.
Create a function with the following signature!
double abs (pole & p);
This function is passed as a return value of the magnitude of the complex
P value return.
Create the appropriate main program to the function created
access and test.
I don't mind helping you and can help, but First I need to see your attempt at solving this. I'm not sure if your misunderstanding is in the math, in the structs, in the label naming, function creating, or what.
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