create a wav file using visual studio 2012

I have down loaded Visual Studio 2012 C++ and have it working using Windows 7 – I’ve successfully run the standard ‘Hello world’ program – wow!

I now wish to write a program that will create a WAV file that I can play back using a WAV file player – I have several players.

It appears to me that the latest version of VS 2012 is not compatible with other C++ compilers. I have down loaded numerous example programs that say they will create a WAV file but when I try to compile them there are errors that I can’t sort out.

I wish to create a WAV file that has a constant (specified) frequency (preferable a sawtooth wave form but a sinusoid would be ok). I’d then like to be able to vary the sound amplitude so that the volume goes up and down smoothly during playback. Whist the specification seems simple I’m finding the execution impossible!

Does anyone have a standard source program that will meet my requirements and then correctly compile using the Visual Studio 2012 C++ compiler?

Thank you Brian
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