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It appears that I have been thinking I am learning c++ when in actual fact I have been learning c to add insult to injury I have been doing a course in objective c. The final embarrassment is asking for assistance on a c++ forum on c problems. Admittedly I got excellent advice and help.

So now the question. Knowing the path I have been on do I carry on with completing the c course I have following then move onto c++. I have paid to go on the objective c course and see similarities so its worth finishing. Does this make sense.

I find forums a wealth of Information and the assistance is brilliant, so can someone point me in the direction of a good c forum so I don't post me enquiries in the wrong forum.

To all those who have helped me thus far.... THANKYOU very much.


You can still ask your C questions here - don't be embarrassed :)

C forms a part of C++, although the approach is rather different in C++, mainly because C++ is OO (Object Oriented) and has the STL (Standard Template Library) amongst other things.

There are many very knowledgeable people here - so feel free to ask your questions, that is what the forum is all about.
Thank you so very much
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