Branch and bound

Job 1 Job 2 Job 3 Job 4
Person A 11 12 18 40
Person B 14 15 13 22
Person C 11 17 19 23
Person D 17 14 20 28

below is my question and want me to find the minimum cost using branch and bound.
can anyone give me some idea or reference to get understand with it ?

i know how to find the minimum cost , but not in coding. is quite complicated ..
just ask if someone can gv me some good idea
Sorry, but your question is very vague. Is this a knapsack type of problem? Is there an explanation for the dataset at the top of your post? Since you have the knowledge of how to find the minimum cost, are you only asking for a tutorial in programming? Programs are nothing more than a list of instructions given to a computer to execute.
Your homework problems will not be solved here unless you put forth some effort in explaining your questions and explaining where you become stuck in your program.
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