Vote for which book is best for beginners

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Hi guys this is a vote not a question(kinda is).

Should i read to learn the basics

1.C++ All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

2.C++ For Dummies, 6th Edition

3.other (name)
I am using 3. C++ How to program 8ed Deitel
It depends, if you understand from the book & you get benefit, continue, else swap books
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If you are new to programming or if you have experience in other languages and are new to C++, these books are highly recommended.

1.C++ Primer† (Stanley Lippman, Josée Lajoie, and Barbara E. Moo) (updated for C++11) Coming at 1k pages, this is a very thorough introduction into C++ that covers just about everything in the language in a very accessible format and in great detail. The fifth edition (released August 16, 2012) covers C++11. [Review]

2.Accelerated C++ (Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo) This basically covers the same ground as the C++ Primer, but does so on a fourth of its space. This is largely because it does not attempt to be an introduction to programming, but an introduction to C++ for people who've previously programmed in some other language. It has a steeper learning curve, but, for those who can cope with this, it is a very compact introduction into the language. (Historically, it broke new ground by being the first beginner's book using a modern approach at teaching the language.) [Review]

3.Thinking in C++ (Bruce Eckel) Two volumes; second is more about standard library, but still very good

4.Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ (Bjarne Stroustrup) An introduction to programming using C++ by the creator of the language. A good read, that assumes no previous programming experience, but is not only for beginners.

I vote 1. it contains really a lot of what you'd need to know for basic programming, including the language itself, the order of priorities for classes, advanced concepts, and even how to use microsoft visual c++, and it teaches how to use codeblocks up till the last book.
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I wouldn't go with any of the books you have listed. Instead go with a well praised book that won't teach you bad habits like so many books do.

Any on the list that FrankGreenha posted is a good book to choose but I would most likely go with C++ Primer 5th Edition which has been updated for C++11. Since it will teach you everything you need to know about the core C++ language and you will use it as a reference for years to come.

Next I would go with Accelerated C++ because it is a a amazing book even though it was published a while back almost everything in it is still relevant and it will teach you good habits instead of bad ones. (I have the 3rd edition because I got it for cheap; either way, no one, single text will be the answer. Continually search and experiment. Don't try to learn it all in one day; you can't; plus you will benefit from a firm understanding of the principles behind the programming rather than specific snippets of coding.
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Thanks all...

I have c++ primer 5th edition ages ago but than some ppl said c++ for dummies and all in one desk reference for dummies ...and I am on pg 30 on it and it mentions a few times about bad I am just lost..which one to read first

Someone clear the path please
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I have never head of all in one desk reference personally but C++ for dummies I own and I don't really have a good opinion about it.
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Thanks zereo I will go with the c++ primer 5th edition.thanks so much
Reference books are next to no good for beginners.
Thinking in C++ is good for beginners and the pdf is free to download.

Another free one but a bit more challenging is the wikibook C++ programming. I tend to think free is the way to go. Also check out this sites tutorial. It is free too.
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Thanks mutex e and manga for your suggestions...thanks
"C How to Program" written by P.J. Deitel and H.M. Deitel
that isn't c++.
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That's c
c++ primer plus is the best ive come across. very complete but not to technical.

People do like accelerated c++ (maybe because its short?) but i found the examples to be very very boring. if i do another grading example im going to vomit. its not a bad overview of the language but additional text should be used.

I also liked Beginning C++ Through Game Programming. its not a popular book but i was interested in games and all the examples in the book uses game references and game examples. this kept my interest going even though you need a supplemental book afterwards. (its also short) . I have to say I did enjoy reading it.
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I know two books with the same name "Teach yourself C++ in 21 days". One of which is writen by Liberty and other by Rao. The last was republiched not so far and contains references to the new C++ Standard.
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Thanks for your comments they were helpful.
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