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C++ based tutorials and sites for learning Modern OpenGL?

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I'm building a car racing game and i wanted to know what graphics engine should I use.

I'm confused about what OpenGL can do and i don't know what graphics engine i need to use.

The max requierement is this:

- Models: a 2000 poly car and a 60'000 poly circuit -> is a 32km circuit so the engine must not render all the circuit, only what the driver sees

About my computer, it can run Live For Speed pretty well.


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Do you want to pay, or you are looking for a free Engine?
Free, it wouldn't be a commercial videogame.

Also, would be hard to make it with opengl?
Depends on how much you know about OpenGL. You'll have to learn it. It's more than capable of doing what you want, though.

You'll need to make sure all of the appropriate culling and clipping is being applied.
If you are looking for a free 3D Engine, i suggest you to take a look to Ogre.
If i am correct, Unity 3D it's free for non commercial project (but i'm not sure).
I installed Ogre3d last week but I can't hold it to work.

I'm looking to integrate my own collision and physics (which I know how to do but I don't implemented yet). Just what i'm looking for is: keyboard input (later would try to X360 controller), texturing and basic shadowing.

Anithing more.

Do you think that it is hard to implement with a standard C++ knowledge?
Anyway, i have just stared learing OGL
Why you can't? I think it's a good starting point for, maybe later, build your own game engine.
I don't know labopie, but it fails at installing. And i revised so much.

C++ based tutorials and sites for learning Modern OpenGL?

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