Hello, with about 40 hours of C++ experience I have decided to jump into DAO/ADO/NET database communication through C++. Sorry if I am jumping the gun here on posting but am having some understanding issues with C++.
The first I am running on a Windows 8 64 bit installation. I have an unaltered Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Installation. My MSACCESS in 2013.
Step one: I watched the AntiRTFM C++ tutorial series on youtube and although I found it helpful it left me a little confused on libraries, inclusion and researching.
Step two: Researched the subject on MSDN and found from which I concluded that for my arrangement I would need to use the ADO Data Access Method (which I read as new ODBC). Additionally I down loaded the sample code. I converted it with the wizard without adjustments.
I selected the ADO.CPP and debugged. Despite being in the ADO.Cpp file VC++ kept compiling DAO but figured that out. Still was not sure that I was doing this correctly since the console window was gone before I could fully react but went in and added some CIN stops. Finally I got to
“ADO: _COM_ERROR: Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.” Any suggestion on where to go from here as every element is still new to me. The one related web posting I found was to check for office updates.

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