just a beginner

what's the best way to learn C++ for me
i'm 17 years old
i know until pointers i read this tutorial here but the progress is slow
i am 16 years old and the which you must to learn first is you cant be a experienced programmer in one week. you must code and code and code. It is a long way

EDIT: you can use books like c++ primer there are too many exercises for beginners
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just code code code. learn a new feature and "master" it every day and then when uve learned this list (feel free to add to it guys) then just start projects:
-overloading operators
And i want to add that i can help you with your progress.

Note: I am a beginner too :D
The guys above me are right when they say that coding is the best way to improve. There's only so much and so fast that you can learn while trying to read a book or theory on a topic. That's why in schools they teach you a concept and then assign coding assignments to solidify your understanding. Kudos to you for getting into programming on your own volition for fun/interest. I learned from the University level for my degree and picked it up and started enjoying it at that point.

Pursue projects that you like and will challenge your current abilities. It's way easier to be motivated to overcome obstacles and learn new things when it involves something that you're interested in.
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Best way to learn is by reading a book.

I would suggest C++ primer 5th edition becuz its rewritten for c++11 and was suggested by other ppl to me ..u can get ebook or buy it..hope i helped
I have C++ primer 5th , Jumping into C++, C++ Programming Language 3th and Effective C++.
If you ask me first read Jumping into C++ so its not boring like others.
Then have a look at C++ primer(I think its really boring but its giving everything about c++)
And then read Effective C++. I think it will make you more experienced.
Still learning myself... I have started reading 2 books and the site tutorial. I haven't finished reading anything yet because I get to a certain point and then it gets too hard. So then I switch to reading something new and when that gets too hard I quit that also. It seems like I getting nowhere but in fact I still learn something new each day. So my system is working for me. I love this crap, its too much fun even if it gets tough.
I think that you should read the book"C How to Program" writen by P.J.Deital and H.M.Deitel
It is a good book too but i cant find it in D&R. It is out of stock );
Thx guys for help i will try all what u said :D
i have C++ how to program and the book from the site the first one is so bored and i think it's complex for beginner but the second is easier
in addition to the i'm from Egypt we speak Arabic not English so it's hard to me to translate big books like c++ primir or c++ how to program but thx at all i will work with ur advices
There some people who know arabic.
yeah they aren't good it just for have a job in some codes not professional
it's not helpful
I dont understand anything from what you say
The Arabs aren't good in c++
Every user in that site is good. There is a Yemeni who know Arabic. I dont meant Arab.
but i mean Arab c++ books authors
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