first program ideas?

So lets say I already know all there is to this language( still a beginner). But all that has no use if I don't make a program. What programs might be fun to make as like a first program? Please give me something I can work on and please no trolling.

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A program that lets u customise your pc from starting up to shutting down...that's my dream
Making games? tic tac toe.
There have been a lot of people that asked this, and not just on this forum...

There are ProjectEuler, some college C++ assignments you can find online (for beginners), problems from C++ books, small proof-of-concept programs, etc.

Both C and C++ tutorials from the cprogramming website include a section on writing Linked List, which is a design used in a couple STL containers, so you can practice making those. And if you can make a linked list, you can make Node trees.

Otherwise, think of what you ultimately plan to do with the language, and that might conjure up some kinds of programs you may want to try writing..
Real world stuff. Let's say your friend wants to know the 117000 prime number. Code a program to do that.

(If you take Science[9th and up] or Math[Algebra and up].) Build a do-it-all calculator that solves equations. All you have to do is give the calculator the equation and it wil find the variables, ask you which one to solve for, and then solve it for you after you give it the other variables. To add on to that, put in a word problem and make it solve it using (a) formula(s).

Code a program that asks the user what he/she wants the program to do and then it will do it by searching on a site containing valid programs until it finds one that matches. Then it writes it to a file and executes it automatically.

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