Im Lost! Please help

I have been using "programming principles and practice" by Bjarne Stroustrup (the author of c++)

I was doing fine, until all of a sudden, in chapter 5 (where he begins explaining errors) i think, he introduced a lot of strange functions.

and error(), cerr<<, get{}, try{}.... were part of them. He never explained these functions.
And even more confusing in chapter 6 where he begins to explain a calculator.
He introduced "Tokens". i searched the net, dont seem to find anything about tokens.
Anyone else used this book?
It was suggested on almost every site i checked before i started.

I think im lost. But i just keep reading on with hope its explained later on and i get a grasp of what hes doing.

What do I do now?
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See my answer to your similar question in thread
To answer your other questions.

cerr is the standard error stream (usually the console).

Never heard of get{} (with braces). Do you mean getch()?

try/catch block is described here:

if i may suggest, try reading
C++ the complete reference: Herbert Schildt

this is the reference i started with, and i can assure you that every principle is explained exactly when you need an explanation about it.

people in this forum heavily suggested
C++ Primer (5th edition): Stanley Lippman

i didn't read it, but as mentioned, people recommended it.

if you're considering to start with another reference, you can google them, they're both free.
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