Looking for a library to change the tempo of a file

Hello there.

I'm new in C++ and I use Qt. I'm working on a small program which will be able to change the tempo of sound files in batch mode.

Before this I wrote a bash script using Sox : it's a program very easy to use ("sox fileinput fileouput effect argument"). I thought then i could use libSox (a c++ library) but it's very complicated, and i don't understand the documentation... I also thought about Soundtouch (used by Audacity for example) but i also don't understand very well the way it works.

I thought maybe I could use an external program (Sox) in my application, but I think it's a bit dirty... What do you think ? What would be the best for my problem ?

Thank you very much in advance.

PS: Sorry for my bad english...
May you post a block of code so it can be easier for us to identify the most optimal solution?
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