ASM help.

I'm trying to compile x64 ASM on code blocks, while using a 32bit machine.

Is it possible to achieve this, because I'm constantly getting errors, _asm is not declared in this scope, I'm quite new to this, so I'd appreciate any help.
You can't.
@OP, ignore FredBill. He's either being pedantic or just misinformed.

You don't compile assembly, but rather you assemble it. And it is done with assembler. Simple enough terminology. If you want to write pure assembly, go grab an assembler. If you want to inline assembly into a C or C++ program, that is very much possible. The IDE doesn't matter as long as the compiler supports it (it should).
Here's an article on how to do it with GCC (what code:blocks ships with):
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well technically assembly is compiled because it ends up in a .com(piled) file.

and while i dont want to speak for you fred, i think his mistake was he saw the X64 and thought it was 64 bit so he was trying to compile 64 bit asm into 32 bit c++. but i could be wrong
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^ That's exactly what I thought. Sorry.
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no problem. i thought that too at first
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