Im looking for a beginners team to join

Im a beginner at c++ and im looking for a team to share tips with help out and make projects with
I'm still classed as a beginner, I'd be more than happy joining you, or someone else.
What kind of project are you looking at doing? I'm a beginner and would like working and learning with others.
ok how would yall like to contact each other
I'll join!
Everyone who want to join please email me my email is
i will organize it so we can communicate well
i want to join very much..
it will be much better to learn and share

@xspec i suggest why dont we create a Google Group
(would be more better and every one will able to see and contribute...
you can be Admin and organize ......)
Would be interested,
PM me please
I agree that a G+ group would be a nice way to communicate and they have built in video chat and msg'ing.
I want to join as well. I don't know that much and am getting stuck learning pointers within classes and functions so I think mutual help would work well.
I'd be interested also, I'll send my email info.
I'd be interested in getting involved, I wouldn't exactly class myself as a beginner because I've been programming a while but I know I still have an insane amount to learn!
I think a variation of programming skill would be good so that the people who's had a little more experience can help to teach in a few areas.

I'm good for G+ or Skype btw... I'll send all my info via email
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Can I join too?

I'm a beginner C++ programmer, I've read several textbooks (right now I'm finishing "C++ primer") and have used Borland C++ Builder 4 years ago to make an age calculator and other minor programs. I've played a little bit with Irrlicht and SDL, but gave up to get better at C++ first. :)
I'm a beginner too, I'd like to join.
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