New beginner group - looking for / creating one

Hey, I'm a fairly beginner C++ programmer. I've read a couple of textbooks (right now I'm finishing "C++ primer"), and a some years ago I made some simple programs with Borland C++ Builder 4 (an age calculator, etc).

Recently I've developed an interest on game programming. I've read some things on the internet, done some experiments with Irrlicht and SDL, but never got to make anything concrete... not yet.

Now I'm looking for a group of beginners like me to join and make some projects with, or share information, and help each other become better at this. I can either join a group or create a new one. If you're interested and don't have any group yet, reply here!
I am.
Ok, nice, what do you already /don't know in C++? Any experience? What kind of projects interest you the most?
Video games interest me. My expirience is in variables, text entry, text response, writing to files, not reading from files.
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