Basic question?

How do I turn my project into a program that you just double click and it runs automatically without the compiler(etc), my compiler I a using is CodeBlocks.
Do a "build".

It will generate an exe file in one of the folders in your project directory.

note: in order for you to run it from the IDE (Code::Blocks), it must already be built. So you already have the exe somewhere.
I sent it to my friend via skype, but since it required glut/OpenGL, when he tried to open it, it said you need OpenGL installed, what is a way around this.
Have him install OpenGL. >_>
Well, that would not be a very good idea if your making a high end game, oh just tell all the customers to download OpenGL? Or illegally force them to download it.(Not trying to offend you, I apologize if I do).
oh just tell all the customers to download OpenGL?

Yes, actually.

Pretty much all commercially available games expect either OpenGL or DirectX to be installed on whatever computer they're running on. It's written in the "system requirements" section.

Or illegally force them to download it.

There's nothing illegal about it.

OpenGL is available for download for free. In fact I'm surprised your friend doesn't already have it installed... very few people have to manually download and install it because it's often bundled with the OS and/or video drivers.
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Well I mean forcing them to download it from your program, that is not illegal, and also okay I apologize I honestly was not aware of that.
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