sound guy looking to do basic game programming

I'm a musician and audio producer with some very basic programming experience (mostly with JavaScript, a little Ruby as well), and I've recently started learning about video game audio. I've started working with FMOD* and I'd like to develop some basic game programming skills so that I can create an environment in which to experiment with FMOD's capabilities. I've been messing around with sample files that are provided with FMOD's API, but I'd like to dig in a little further and create something on my own.

I've already begun learning C/C++, both because I understand C++ to be a popular language for game programming and because FMOD is built in C++ and so are the sample files I've been using. So my question is, beyond C/C++, what do you recommend learning about/experimenting with in order to get some basic game programming skills. Which, if any, libraries or engines would you recommend using? I'd like to be able to create a simple 2D, single-scene game environment with a few actors that can move around and perform a few simple actions. Nothing heavy on graphics or physics. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


*If you're not familiar with it, FMOD is an audio middleware program/API that allows composers and sound designers to create dynamic audio that can be implemented in video games or other programs. It's cool.
You may want to post this in the job section.
This is not a job posting, I'm just asking for some info/recommendations.
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