Is this possible?

I just finished my first semester of C++ so I am definetly a beginner. I work for a company that is in dire need of some updating. I want to create a program to automate a process that takes me about an hour to do. I would like to know if this is even possible before I start to venture into coding this.

I want to be able to take a text file that has names and account numbers on it, plus dollar amounts they paid and owe (over 1,000). I want the program to be able to find the account number (which vary in lenth and some contain letters), then be able to enter the account number into a specific text box within a windows program and hit enter within the windows program. Then possibly wait for me to come back to my created program and select continue, and repeat the process till it runs out of account numbers. There is a lot of info on these text files so it would need to be able to tell which one is the account number.
Would this be possible to do?
What you're asking is very possible assuming there are well defined rules for parsing the text file.

Whether you're capable of it, there is no way to tell from your post.
Can you show a sample of your test data.

If it is this a csv file.
I believe excel already has this feature if you just want to search the file and sort by account number.

depends really on what kind of manipulation you will be doing to the data you haven't explained what you want to do with it.

but if its just a simple search algorithm that should be straight forward.
You are probably right, I may not be capable of it now. But it is something id like to take the time and learn eventually. Basically my company gives me a giant stack of paperwork with names, account numbers, and dollar amounts paid. What Id like to do is take the stack of paperwork and turn it into a text file (this can already be done). It can be any text file I can create .txt .doc whatever I chose.
Then my job would be to enter this information into the company database via a windows program we have. Its very time consume and I can see that a computer would be able to automate this faster (no i wont lose my job!).
The file would look some thing like this.

John Doe allowed paid ballance
1165T44583 $44.50 $3.93 $55.60

John Doe2 allowed paid ballance
1165C443 $4.50 $33.93 $155.60

John Doe3 allowed paid ballance
1165T483 $3.55 $3.00 $65.60

I would want to program to find the account number... then enter it into the windows specific program. Then wait for me to hit enter and do it again.
Off the top of my head, one way of doing this (and this is a very rough explanation) would be to get a handle to the window of your company's database software, and to iterate through it's child-windows (elements such as textfields and so on). As you iterate you could check to see if a window matches a certain window class(if it's a textfield, for example. One way of getting these class names is through spyxx), and based on some other information you would be able to determine which data to fill in where.

For example, I used this kind of iterative callback method to write a program which collapses any open keys in the registry editor after anytime I cleaned my registry (open keys are a pet peeve of mine! :V).
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