I need OpenGL for windows 8 or windows 7 and my cpu is intel
What I did was get SFML 2.0, GLEW, and glm. I followed the directions on how to use/link them, provided at their respective websites, and then I followed the tutorials at, ignoring the first one because I'm not using glfw, I don't care about building the example code, and I already set up my environment manually.
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So I can not use OpenGL on windows8? I had opengl setup perfectly of windows 7, this windows 8 does have a windows 7 feature. :p
You can certainly use OpenGL on windows8.

I'm not sure what the problem is here. If you need OpenGL and it's not already installed... then just install it =P.

As always, I recommend the steps in this great OpenGL tutorial:

Or if you want you can just download the unofficial OpenGL SDK:
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